Storytelling Adventure Camp

The Fairy Tale Forest

Ever had a pandemic parenting day like this?

Zoom calls with kids on your lap

"I'm bored"/5,000 snacks per day

Zoom calls with kids hanging on your arm

So. Much. Screen time.

Zoom calls with kids literally climbing the walls behind you

Yup. Me too.

As a working mom of three I know this season is stressful. It's hard to work and facilitate virtual learning and be the entertainment committee.


So, when I looked ahead on my daughter's school calendar and realized that winter break was coming up but my husband and I still needed to work that week, I started brainstorming ways to keep my kids creatively engaged in some off-screen time while also trying to get my work done. And then I thought:

"Other parents are probably also looking for similar solutions for winter break!"

That's when I began creating "Storytelling Adventure Camp: The Fairy Tale Forest". 

Preview 2 of the week's stories!

Storytelling Adventure Camp

The Fairy Tale Forest

brings your children on an adventure into the imaginary realm of The Fairy Tale Forest. Along the way kids will listen to folktales that take place in forest settings, tackle creative hands-on story projects, and be inspired to tell and retell stories in their own voices. 

By the end of the week, your kids will be fired up about storytelling!

(oh, hey creative writing skills, literacy skills, public speaking confidence, and empathy building!)

Storytelling Adventure Camp Includes:



$40 for the week!

5 days of video and hands-on project content

to keep your kids creatively engaged in the world of story during winter break.

  • Video/Hands-On: A warm up story that is the same each day so that they are expert storytellers in that story by the end of the week. We warm up with this story, but then there is a new off-screen creative challenge for this story every day.

  • Video: A story of the day, told by Rachael

  • Hands-On: 2 creative challenges based on the story of the day

  • Hands-On: Creative character/puppet making and creative writing activities

  • Video/Hands-On: Each day your kids will be encouraged to retell the story of the day with their own creative twist, with the option of posting their work in our Storytelling Adventure Camp Community Forum

Other Things to Know...

  • Storytelling Adventure Camp is great for elementary aged kids. Preschoolers could enjoy as well! Activities can be completed with minimal reading and writing skills, but also scale up to challenge older elementary kids.

  • Storytelling Adventure Camp is self paced, so there is no pressure to be in a meeting at a certain time, and kids can take as long as they want or need for their creative projects.

  • Some of the projects have templates included that would require printing, but I have included ideas for ways to do the projects without having to print anything.

Grab the popcorn and snuggle up for some screen-free family time:

Your purchase includes a BONUS of two free audio stories for your family to enjoy together!

PLUS! You get to keep access to the story videos to watch, learn and retell to each other. 

Camp pricing: $75 ----> $15/day

$40 -----> $8/day

No available challenges right now. Check back soon

What Does A Day in The Fairy Tale Forest Look Like? Take a Peek!

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