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Rachael HarringtonPerformances


From big audiences to intimate story circles, Rachael brings

Joy Through Story

Rachael tells stories for all ages in festivals, schools, theaters, museums, and arts venues across the nation and online. Rachael spins fresh takes on traditional tales and delivers funny stories from her own life.


The Story Center at the Mid-Continent Public Library, Sugarhill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling, Salesforce Tales on Tuesday, New Jersey Storytelling Festival, Bread and Yoga Storytelling Concert Series NYC, Better Said Than Done, Essubi Arts/New Hope Uganda 

Check out Rachael's festival telling playlist on YouTube
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Arts and Culture Venues

Folktale and personal narrative performances that inspire audiences with the joy, power, and human connection of storytelling. 

Museum performances are crafted by using folk and fairy tales to imaginatively engage patrons in an institution's history, art, and culture collections.

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The Story Center, Mid-Continent Library
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Tower Stories, NYC Artist Corps

Schools and Libraries

Dynamic storytelling assemblies, in-classroom performances and workshops, and professional learning for teachers in school and conference settings. Choose from set programs or collaborate with Rachael to bring programming on a specific topic. Combine assemblies and workshops for a day full of storytelling and learning to tell, or bring Rachael in for a multiple day residency! Contact Rachael for a menu of set programs and workshops, or to dream up something new to fit your needs!


Rachael specializes in performing and teaching storytelling to promote literacy, social emotional learning, and inclusion for English Language Learners.

Read Across America Assembly :
World Stories Alive Residency :
Connecting ELL and SWD learners through storytelling and the arts

Festivals, Projects, Storytelling Shows

Rachael creates, produces, and performs in independent storytelling shows, projects, and festivals in addition to performing in established festivals and shows around

the country.


Created a livestream Morning Meeting Storytelling and Art program during the 2020 Covid quarantines


Bread and Yoga Family Storytelling and Music series, bringing together the magic of live music and spoken word.

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Tales on Tuesday for Salesforce Events. Virtual story time and creative project prompts to inspire literacy and creative thinking.


"Stories On The Stoop" summer series for Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling


Telling at The New Jersey Storytelling Festival