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Schools & Libraries

Rachael delivers dynamic storytelling assemblies, in-classroom performances and workshops, and professional learning for teachers in school and conference settings. Choose from set programs or collaborate with Rachael to bring programming on a specific topic. Combine assemblies and workshops for a day full of story listening and learning how to tell, or bring Rachael in for a multiple day residency! Rachael specializes in performing and teaching storytelling to promote literacy, social emotional learning, and inclusion for English Language Learners.

Conference Presenter:

Arts Venues

Rachael tells stories for all ages in festivals, theaters, and arts venues in NYC and across the nation. Rachael spins fresh takes on traditional tales, and delivers funny stories from her own life. She produces a series of storytelling and music shows in collaboration with Buunni Performance Space and Bread and Yoga.

Festival Appearances include: New Jersey Storytelling Festival, Day of Water Festival on Govenor's Island, Gotham Arts Festival, and The Uptown Arts Stroll

Organizations & Universities

Rachael provides storytelling performances, training, and talks to organizations and institutions working to positively and creatively impact the lives of their clients, staff, students, and communities. If you are looking for staff development, or are wondering how storytelling workshops could benefit your organization or clients, contact Rachael!


My goal as a storytelling coach is to help you find, craft, and share your story with authenticity and joy.

During coaching sessions we dig into playful story-centered questions, writing prompts, and activities to find the vision, heart, and arc of your narrative. In these sessions I listen deeply, ask a lot of questions, and offer insight on story structure and character voice so that you can write or speak your story with clarity and confidence. 

Consideration of how your story moves and impacts your listeners is a key part of coaching sessions. I work to help you hear your story from the listeners' point of view so that your speaking engagement is not just about telling a great story, but is also about weaving genuine connections with other humans in a room. 

Tell your story with JOY!

Rachael helped me take a 25 minute story down to 8 minutes and the story was STILL super impactful. I also used to hate writing cause I got overwhelmed putting everything down on paper.

Rani Cheema,

Founder + Culinary Travel Specialist at Cheema's Travel

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