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Rambling Stories: Grass

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Welcome to Rambling Stories: Grass Edition. Rambling Stories are audio stories for your ears made to get your feet walking in nature and your mind creating in story. You can complete Rambling Stories on your own or with a group, and there is no age limit. Here's how it works: 1) Download the Short Version of "The Queen In The Grass", a new spin on a traditional Norwegian folktale. Print out any inspiration pages that you might want to have with you (for "Character Play" you will also need empty toilet paper rolls or wood blocks, scissors, and tape/glue). 2)Take a walk out into nature to find this Rambling Story's natural element: Grass (grass can often be plentiful, so challenge yourself to be specific. Look for field of grass lined by pine trees, a certain type of grass, a spot to sit with grass half in shade half in sun- you set the specificity!) . Spend some time looking for an interesting patch of grass that captures your imagination. 3) Stop at your chosen grassy area and listen to the Short Version of "The Queen in the Grass". 4) Now it's your turn to finish the story! Try to stay at the grassy area to finish the story, incorporating it into your creation. Will you tell the story? Draw the story? Write the story? Act out/play the story? You can use the inspiration pages to help. 5) Listen to the Full Version of the traditional tale. 6) Help spread the word: tell a friend, post a pic or video of your ramble!

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