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School Programs

Assembly Programs

Gather your students and staff for an energetic and interactive experience of folk and fairy tales from around the world! During a storytelling assembly, learners are immersed in deep listening and are invited to become storytellers themselves by participating in the telling. Storytelling assemblies build your school community through providing a common arts experience, while also building social emotional and literacy skills (storytelling has big "off-the page" literacy benefits for learners who might struggle with reading and writing!).

Assemblies can be tailored to any theme from academic subjects like science/ecology, reading or math, to topics such as friendship, anti-bullying and inclusion, or study habits. Or, select from a menu of popular Assembly Programs.

All Assembly Programs include a pre/post-visit digital packet that teachers can use to introduce students to the art of storytelling, as well as specific slides for the assembly program stories that include key vocabulary helpful for ELL students and short fun creative prompts and games that can help students dig into and extend the story beyond the assembly.

Assembly Sample

A district-wide school assembly program to kick off Read Across America Week. The stories told centered on the power of the written word, books, and spoken language and expressing oneself.

In-classroom visits

In-classroom visits bring the power of storytelling right into your classroom, getting students actively involved in the storytelling and story making process.

My classroom visits bring curriculum content to life! I tell folktales from all around the world that tie into whatever it is that you are studying in class, be it science, math, literacy or social emotional learning.


The stories are highly interactive, calling your students to become actively involved in the story while digging into and becoming excited aboutcurriculum content!

I also visit classrooms to facilitate creative writing through storytelling workshops, public speaking workshops, and add some sparkle to fairy tale units!

Residency Programs:
Multiple storytelling visits throughout the year that tie into a curriculum focus or particular classroom focus or need.

A storytelling residency is a series of story performances and workshops held in one location over a set period of time that have a goal, theme, or objective determined by the school or organization.


A storytelling residency can center on traditional tales, personal narrative, or historic stories and can include or combine story-crafting, storytelling, and story-listening.


Through multiple opportunities to come together around story, participants in a storytelling residency are able to dive deep into the creative process to discover their voice, the voice of others, and the voices of the stories that make up our histories, our cultures, and our world.


World Stories Alive Project

Year-long grant project aiming to increase learning and community through the arts for English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities



English Language Learner Summer Camp

Multiple-session program focused on telling interactive folk and fairytales from around the world, giving ELL's the opportunity to develop language skills in a fun and relaxed environment.


Dance & Biography Project

Multiple-session grant project that prepared dance students for a residency from the Jose Limon Company. Through storytelling and movement, students explored Jose Limon's biography. Family workshops explored ways parents could share their own biographies with their children.



Storybox is a residency program specifically designed for preschools. Storybox builds pre-literacy and social emotional skills through imagination and participation in nursery rhymes and simple tellings of folk and fairytales.


Our Story Project

Multiple-session research project held in collaboration between the school library, the English Language Learners, and storytelling programming. Aimed at helping English Language Learners to explore traditional stories from classmate's countries and their own personal narratives while developing speaking and listening language skills.


Bread and Yoga

Storytelling and story-creating classes for preschool, after school, and summer camp, in addition to a popular Family Storytelling Concert series.

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