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Rambling Stories: Tree

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Welcome to Rambling Stories: Tree Edition. Rambling Stories are audio stories designed to help you connect with nature and your creativity. You can complete Rambling Stories on your own or with a group, and there is no age or time limit. Here's how it works: DOWNLOAD & PRINT Download the Short Version of "The Troll Ride", a Swedish folktale. Print out any of the supplemental inspiration pages that you might want to have with you on your nature walk (for "Character Play" you will also need empty toilet paper rolls or wood blocks, scissors, and tape/glue). GO FOR A WALK Grab your device/headphones and any supplemental inspiration pages/materials and take a walk into nature to find this Rambling Story's natural element: Tree. Spend some time looking for an interesting tree that captures you or your group's imagination. LISTEN Stop at your chosen tree and listen to the Short Version of "The Troll Ride". CREATE Now it's your turn to finish the story! Try to stay at the tree to finish the story, incorporating it into your creation. Will you tell the story out loud like a storyteller? Draw the story? Write the story? Act out/play the story? You can use the inspiration pages to help! LISTEN When you’re back at home (maybe curled up with a snack?), listen to the Full Version of the traditional tale. How does it compare with the version that you created? What are the similarities and differences? SHARE Help spread the word: tell a friend, post a pic or video of your ramble! #

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