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Build creative, connected teams with creative storytelling workshops

Storytelling workshops empower educational and community organizations to come alive as hives of imaginative thinking and transformation, creating cohesive teams and professionals who are able to incorporate storytelling technique in their outward facing work.

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Professional development workshops weave

  • storytelling principals

  • storytelling technique 

  • play

into staff culture and empower educators & community organizations to bring storytelling and storytelling technique into classroom, community, and museum settings.

If you are looking to build delight, playfulness, and deep connections within your team, while also helping your team to bring imagination and stories to their outward facing work, book a call with me today!


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American Association of School Libraries National Conference

Rutgers University Guest Lecturer, Graduate School of Education

New York Public Library Early Literacy Staff Development

New Jersey Association of School Libraries Annual Conference

New Jersey Education Association Annual Conference

New Jersey TESOL Annual Conference

Young Child Learning Conference, NYC


Playful Storytelling Workshops, Designed For You.

When you collaborate with me, I deliver dynamic storytelling workshops that focus on:

  • Team Building

  • Building storytelling skills into client, community or student facing work

  • Speaking confidence

  • or ALL THREE!

Team building workshop for Living Cities at Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling
New York Public Library Early Literacy Staff Professional Learning
Rachael Storytelling Workshop 2014

Rachael Storytelling Workshop 2014

Play Video
Storytelling technique workshop with Millburn High School students

Workshops and Trainings

  • Telling Tales: Storytelling Technique & Application In The Classroom, Library, and Home

  • Words Alive: Building Literacy Skills Through Storytelling

  • Pumped Up Story Times: Storytelling Technique For Energized Read Alouds

  • Pocket Stories: Developing Social Emotional Competencies Through Storytelling

  • World Voices: Storytelling Workshops For English Language Learners and ELL Educators

  • A Storied Home: Benefits And Use of Storytelling For Parents & Caregivers

  • The Story Tapestry: Crafting and Telling Your Personal Narrative

  • Sound Stories: Creating Original Stories From Art and Music Inspirations

  • Story Expeditions: Story Walks // Folk, Fairy, or Original Stories Inspired By Environment and Place

  • Delicious Stories: Pairing Food and Stories Through Telling and Recipe Creation

  • Making Stories: Storytelling and Maker Space Fuse Together!

Have an idea for a workshop you don't see here?
A custom workshop or training can be created just for you!

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