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Storytelling workshops with Rachael bring participants of all ages deep into the story listening, creating and telling process.


Attendees gain practical technique and application of storytelling (both folk and personal narrative), public speaking confidence, and an understanding that their unique voice and stories can transform the world around them and create genuine human connection and social emotional intelligence.


American Association of School Libraries National Conference

Rutgers University Guest Lecturer, Graduate School of Education

New Jersey Association of School Libraries Annual Conference

New Jersey Education Association Annual Conference

New Jersey TESOL Annual Conference

Young Child Conference and Expo Annual Conference, NYC


Storytelling workshops have had a very positive affect on my high school ELL students' learning, both socially and academically.  Storytelling gives students a chance to shine and engage with their peers in a way that isn't always made available to them in the classroom.  Several students who may be hesitant to participate in class often seem to come alive when given the chance to participate in storytelling.  It is a great outlet for teenagers who are figuring out who they are, while also trying to express themselves in a new language and culture.  It provides ELL students with a safe environment to open up, perform, and grow.

Caitlin Sullivan, Millburn ELL Teacher

Workshops and Trainings

World Voices: Storytelling workshops for English Language Learners and ELL Educators

Off the Page: Bringing folk and fairytales to life from text sources // Using storytelling in the classroom

Pocket Stories: Developing Social Emotional Competencies through Storytelling

A Storied Home: Benefits and use of storytelling in parenting

The Story Tapestry: Crafting and Telling Your Personal Narrative

Sound Stories: Creating original stories from art and music inspirations

Story Expeditions: Story Walks // Folk, Fairy, or Original Stories inspired by environment and place

Delicious Stories: Pairing food and stories through telling and recipe creation

Making Stories: Storytelling and Maker Space fuse together!

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