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3 Stories About Gardens & Gardening

If you start digging through folktale collections, you'll notice there are a lot of stories about food and gardening. Like, a lot.

Is it any wonder? Throughout human history, gardens have sustained our bodies and stories have sustained our hearts.

But that connection looks a little different now. We have grocery store aisles full of packaged food and Netflix at our finger tips. While I appreciate and use both of these things, I also recognize the importance of knowing and growing our food sources and surrounding ourselves in nature, each other, and story. As a 21st century storyteller, I get especially excited about the role I am able to play in keeping the connection between garden and story alive.

Knowing folktales that feature gardens and gardening is an excellent way to inspire a deeper connection with our food sources and the historical and cultural importance of growing food, whether you have your own green/garden space or participate or use common green spaces like parks or community gardens.

Here's a list of 3 gardening folktales and their online written sources, so that the next time you're out in a green space you can remember or tell these stories and watch the fun "grow"!

A folktale from Khazikstan

A folktale from West Africa

A folktale from Russia

This is just a very, very short list of stories to get you inspired towards storytelling in gardening/green spaces! There's a trove of other stories out there- do you have a garden story that you know? Leave it in the comments and we can create our own little community garden of stories right here in this space!

Want a resource for getting out into nature in a fun, creative way?


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