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Easy Things You Can Do To Create A Summer Full Of Storytelling

I love the lazy days of summer break. The slower mornings, the longer evenings, the spontaneous trips to the beach with friends.

Maybe you're also anticipating (and ready for!) these summer vibes, but know there's gonna be days of responding to "I'm bored", and days with work-life balance conundrums. You know there's gonna be the question and balance of screen-time vs. play time.

If you're like a lot of parents, you want to make more space for imaginative, independent play this summer but could use a little creative inspiration yourself on how to make that happen. I've got you covered!

Over the years in my parenting, as well as in my experience as an art teacher and storyteller, I've discovered a few things that help initiate and encourage times of creative independent play, storytelling, and project making. Some of these discoveries include:

  • Creating invitations to play (enabling open-ended play through toy/materials selection and presentation)

  • Setting up art and play materials in an accessible and simplified way

  • Establishing a schedule and routine that build in free play and creativity, allowing kids to take more ownership of how the spend their time.

With these ideas in mind, I've put together a pdf that will help you incorporate easy-to-do storytelling and creative play into your summer days!

Creating A Summer Of Storytelling Guide + Daily Planner

It includes:

  • 3 easy-to-do home decor/organizing ideas that will naturally encourage independent creative play for kids on lazy summer break days.

  • A daily planner that incorporates storytelling, creative writing, and art making prompts to help encourage off-screen play. The planner is what I like to think of as "scheduled-yet-flexible".

  • A printable storytelling game to play over the summer

Sign up for my newsletter to download the Free Guide + Daily Planner!

I hope this post and this Guide + Daily Planner help you and your family have a summer full of storytelling, creative writing and project making, and imaginative play!

Before you know it your kids will be scrambling up onto nature trail benches to tell you some stories 😍


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