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Write postcards to a friend while pretending to be a character from a story! The "Tatterhood" set comes with an audio recording of the foktale plus 5 different hand illustrated postcards for each pen pal. The post cards are inspired by the folktale "Tatterhood" and will prompt each pen pal to get creative with their writing!


Pen Pal A and Pen Pal B require two seperate purchases so that each pen pal receives a different stack of five postcards. If you are purchasing a set for yourself and a set for your pen pal, you will need to purchase both sets separately: one with your shipping address, one with your pen pal's shipping address.


Once postcards are recived by both pen pals, each person listens to the story using the QR code printed on the front of the cards, and decides on a different character to pretend to be. Then, Pen Pal A picks a postcard from their stack, uses the front as a creative writing prompt, and writes a letter to Pen Pal B while pretending to be their chosen character. Then they send the postcard in the mail!


Pen Pal B receives the postcard, choses a postcard from their own stack, uses the front as a creative writing prompt, and writes a letter back while pretending to be the character they chose. Then send the letter back to Pen Pal A.


And back and forth and back and forth- let the story continue!

Postcard Pen Pals: Tatterhood, Pen Pal B


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    Nativity Folktale SampleRachael Harrington
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