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For the kid who can't get enough audio stories.


A customized audio folktale is

the perfect treat!

Your child's eyes will light up as they hear professional storyteller Rachael Harrington narrate their name into a story, turning them into the main character.

Join happy listeners across the world!

Customized Story

Order your customized story and Rachael will record the story with your child(ren)'s name narrated in as the main character!

Coloring Pages

Each order includes PDF printable coloring pages that include beautiful illustrations of the story and your child's name.

Create Memories

Listen and color along with your child, creating a screen-free bonding experience that will last a life time.

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So, what's the story?

This first release of Customized Folktales features Rachael's retelling of the VERY FUN & VERY SILLY Japanese folktale called Box of Treats. The story is all about how hard it is to keep a box full of homemade botamochi treats held steady while walking down a path that has sudden obstacles. Your child(ren)'s name(s) will be narrated into this audio story, so that they become the one(s) walking the path, trying to make it to the destination with un-smooshed treats!


Check the FAQ's for the full story summary & information on where to find a print version.


  • Click below to go to the order form

  • Leave your child's name on the order form

  • Receive an email with the audio file and the PDF printable coloring pages (delivery to your inbox will take 5-10 days). 

  • ENJOY!

  • What is the difference between Story Explorer Club and Story Explorer Club Jr.?
    Story Explorer Club is designed for kids roughly 5+ to use as creative project time at home. Story Explorer Club Jr. is designed for daycare, preschool, and homeschool settings, or for parental use alongside their toddlers at home.
  • Can children work on Story Explorer Clubs projects independently?
    While many of the projects and explorations in Story Explorer Club are designed with independent work in mind, each child, family, and project will vary in the ability or comfort level in independence. There are recipe cards in Story Explorer Club. Supervision of children in the kitchen is always highly recommended. It is also highly recommended that you supervise your children when going outside for a nature exploration prompt for either Story Explorer Club or Story Explorer Club Jr. Young learner supervision is necessary for Story Explorer Club Jr.
  • Will I need special materials for the projects?
    For both Story Explorers Club and Story Explorers Club Jr, you will need access to a computer, a printer with ink, and common kids art materials such as crayons, markers, etc. and other everyday recyle-type materials such as paper towel tubes etc (though you do not need to keep a pile of materials on hand). For Story Explorers Club you will also need a way to download and listen to the audio file.
  • What is your return and cancellation policy?
    Due to the digital nature of Story Explorer Club and Story Explorer Club Jr, returns on sent materials cannot be given. You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Due to the digital nature of the subscription and the option for monthly subscription, no refunds will be offered for annual subscriptions. If you think you would like the ability to cancel at any time, please select the monthly payment option.
  • How do I access the stories and activities? What format will they be in?
    For Story Explorer Club: Once you choose a subscription plan, you will receive your story and activity kit to your inbox on the 1st of every month. This email will contain a link to the month's story video, an audio story download file, and the activity printables as PDFs. You will receive a preview email 5 days before a kit arrives in your inbox, so that you will be reminded and be able to get excited about the upcoming adventure! For Story Explorer Club Jr: On the 25th of every month, you will receive an email containing a link to the upcoming month's curriculum page. The curriculum page will be laid out by week, and will contain links to the videos and PDF attachments for the printabes.
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