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Printed Luxury

I am currently what some would call "great with child". Or, in the words of my three year old, "Ohhhh, Mommy. Your baby's HUUUUGE!"

Out and about with Z

Being about a month and half from giving birth and running around the city with a preschooler isn't exactly relaxing (though there has been a lot of joy). So, whenever I can carve out a few minutes to rest-- just me, no one else and nothing else to think about-- I do it in a very intentional, considered manner: How can I soak up this 45-minutes that I have? What's the one thing I can do in this 20 minutes that'll clear my mind and rest my feet?

My husband recently sent me out for some "Me Time". Told me to go treat myself to an afternoon lingering over cappuccino and pastry. And what did I find myself longing to do with that time?

A good old fashioned book.

No screen. No alerts. No multi-tasking mamma brain.

Just an old book I've been slowly reading for many months, savoring. Oh, and the cappuccino and pastry of coarse.

How restorative. To have just one slow-moving thing to focus on. As we move into the busy, bustling holiday season this is what I'd like to do more often. Just find time to sit- slow- and feel pages in my hands and a baby tickling my ribs.

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