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Forest Snow

The Fairy Tale Forest


Off the screen and into creativity

A Land Of Self-Guided Imagination & Adventure Awaits.

The Fairy Tale Forest is a story and art making workshop for creative kids to do at home.


Each section of the workshop begins with a storytelling video that then sends kids off screen to make and play based on the stories they just watched.

FIVE DAYS WORTH of storytelling with hands on art and creative writing challenges- perfect for a memorable at home winter break!

Winter forest


Winter Snow


Winter View


Kids participate in an interactive video telling of a folk tale and then create a fairy tale forest map.

Kids become artists with a creative art making prompt inspired by the story they just helped tell.

Kids become storytellers as they complete creative writing and story retelling prompts.

What You Get With EACH DAY In  The Fairy Tale Forest

  • Storytelling Video 1:


  • Storytelling Video 2:

  • Mapping The Fairy Tale Forest:

  • Architecture Prompt:

  • Art Project Prompt:

  • Creative Writing & Retelling Prompts: 

The Welcome Story. This story is included as the opener for each day, so that kids become an "expert" storyteller of this story by the end of the week.

The Day's Story. Each day there is a fresh new folk tale to experience. The videos encourage both deep listening and call-and-response participation from the viewers.

After watching the Day's Story, kids add the main character's house to a map of The Fairy Tale Forest, so that by the end of the 5 days, kids have built a visual representation of where all these characters live in The Fairy Tale Forest.

Each day after putting the main character's house on the map, kids get to build the structure in 3-D!

A creative, hands-on art project to do with common art materials, inspired by the Day's Story.

Kids become authors and storytellers as they use their imagination to make their own stories spun off from the Day's Stories. The prompts have been used by K and up, though preschoolers could do the pre-writing retelling.​

Check out the ADVENTURES that other CREATIVE KIDS have taken!

Watch a Fairy Tale Forest adventurer retell one of the stories by using her art making creations as story objects!


Ready To Launch The Adventure?

Get FIVE DAYS worth of creative, story-filled activities that your kids will love!
  • Self-guided videos & activities that kids can do while at home
  • Interactive storytelling builds literacy and narrative skills
  • Art making invitations fire up imaginative thinking
  • Creative writing prompts get kids happily picking up their pencils to build a world.
All this for JUST $40!
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